Addendum 2023 - Area 10 Richland Crawford Workforce Development Board Local Plan Update

RE: 2023 Updates to Area 10 Workforce Development Plan

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Richland and Crawford Counties have both implemented strategies to address the need for an adequately trained workforce by engaging with Economic Development Staff. Both counties understand that a skilled workforce is crucial for attracting businesses and ensuring sustained growth. To promote workforce training, the Area 10 Workforce Board has engaged with ED agencies in both counties to promote the resources available to regional business through Incumbent Worker Training and ON the Job Training programs.

All 3 agencies actively collaborate with local businesses, educational institutions, and government to identify the skills in demand and design targeted training programs. Training partners offer vocational training courses, apprenticeships, and certifications in fields such as advanced manufacturing, healthcare, technology, and skilled trades. These initiatives aim to equip individuals with the necessary skills and qualifications to fill the job openings within the counties' growing industries.


To ensure that businesses are aware of the training opportunities available in the region, Richland and Crawford County ED partners have been apprised to the details and requirements of applying for and utilizing WIOA programs. Equipped with this information, the staff can not only attract new businesses but also encourage existing companies to expand their operations and workforce.

Additionally, Area 10 Workforce Development Board has been granted Business Resource Network Funds to increase the level of outreach in the regions. The Board has developed a detailed strategy to reach 3 specific audiences over a 12 month time frame – thus driving more traffic to the OMJ centers and increasing business participation. (Full narrative attached)

The Area 10 Workforce Board has contracted with the Richland Area Chamber & Economic Development, as well as the Crawford Partnership to continue the growth of initiatives, programming, and data collection. Through both entities Business Retention and Expansion visits the board gains valuable exposure and information.


Area 10  BRN Grant Strategy

Expected Outcomes:

Increase the number of inquiries to the OMJ Centers by phone and by internet.

Increase the number of businesses using on the job training contracts and customized training by 10%.

Increase the number of individuals who enter a training program in healthcare and manufacturing by  10%.

Goal: To develop the workforce for manufacturing,  healthcare,and IT positions in Area 10. Focus on short  term training that connects to local jobs that offer family sustaining wages and have a career pathway.

Focus on flexibility, wage, and benefits of these positions.

Increase participation in training programs by 10%.

3  distinct audiences – Employers Seeking to employ a skilled workforce, 13–24-year-olds, and adults who are returning to the workforce.

July, August, September 2023

Theme: Education and Training Opportunities

Target Audience: Employers seeking employees 18 and over (Healthcare, Logistics, IT), regional job seekers

(Branding and tool development for tracking and accessing resources is also included in first quarter goals and budget. This includes an online resource page, web applications, and public branding)

October, November, December 2023

Theme: Manufacturing/Apprenticeships

Target Audience: Employers seeking entry level employees to upskill over time, high school students and recent graduates


January, February, March 2024

Theme: Seasonal Jobs and Student Opportunities

Target Audience: Seasonal Employers and young adults

Message: Earn and learn opportunities, promote on the Job Training to employers and  seekers, utilize participant stories to relate to young adults and underserved populations


April, May, June 2024

Theme: Introduction of workforce development and awareness campaign Target Audience: General audience

Message: Services available in OMJ Centers for businesses, especially On the Job training and customized training.


We are excited to build connections between local job seekers and employers. Join us today, as we continue to assist our local community.

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