I'm very thankful for WIOA and Julia, for helping me achieve my goals. I appreciated all the benefits I gained from the program. I would/have been recommending this program to other students that need help. WIOA helped me financially through nursing school, and I will always be grateful.

Victoria Hoffman LPN

Galion LLC has been very pleased with our partnership with Crawford County Job & Family Services. The On-the- Job Training Program has allowed us to develop our employees over the past couple of years. The process is simple and the results have been extremely valuable.

Mandy Webb
Human Resources Manager
Galion LLC

I recently became the recipient of WIOA funding to help pay for my tuition to attend school with my goal to become a certified pharmacy technician. Before I knew about WIOA, I had already decided that I needed to change my career path to obtain better, more secure employment. I have great interest in becoming a pharmacy technician due to job availability and potential future growth. I researched school programs, finding Ross Medical Education Center in Ontario to have the program best suited for me to be successful. Their program is very thorough and in a classroom which includes a mock pharmacy and I.V. sterile compounding room. Many programs at other schools were online only and I believe hands-on training is absolutely necessary when learning this new vocation. They also have a 6-week externship and they offer employment assistance after graduation. However, the cost of the tuition was a real obstacle due to my unemployment. Without WIOA funding, I would not be attending school.

The WIOA application process was not difficult. My initial email inquiry was responded to immediately by Lori Bedson with instructions on how to apply. The receptionist at the Ohio Means Jobs office was very helpful in giving me instructions when I picked up the application. Since I was on a tight timeline due to classes beginning within a few weeks, I was very pleased that my application was processed right away. Johnnie Barnes was wonderful to work with and she made sure I knew what to bring to my appointment so my application could be completed swiftly.

With the help of WIOA, I am starting school this week, with nothing but success on my mind. Excited about my future employment opportunities, with my goal of obtaining a position in a hospital pharmacy.

Julie Pence

I will be forever grateful to OneStop for giving me a 2nd opportunity at life, because I was at a point in my life where I wanted to give up. During that time I reach out for Assist and WIOA was available. At the early part of 2016 I failed pharmacology and I felt like my life was over. So, they told me we can't assist you with another nursing program, but you can take up another training. I thought things over for a few weeks. Then I said, you know I need to complete a degree of some sort so I can be a benefit to my family. I said all that to say I really appreciate WIOA for standing in my corner when I didn't have anywhere else to turn. WIOA is the reason I'm one semester away from graduating with a Health Services Technology Degree with Applied Science. Never give up on your dreams, no matter what struggles might come your way.

Wendy Shelby

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