2024 Board Minutes


Full Board Meeting January 17, 2024 (click for pdf)


The Kehoe Center, Shelby Room 301B


11:30  Welcome and Lunch


11:50 Call to Order and Roll Call of Voting Members

Randa Payne


11:55 Update on midohioskills.com and BRN Outreach Campaign


Clint Knight presented data that has resulted from the first 3 months of the www.midohioskills.com campaign. The effort is funded through the BRN Grant received in 2023, and will end in June 30. The next phase of the campaign will focus on generating more participation from employers, and then the focus will turn to students who are seeking seasonal work and internships.


12:00 Agency Reports  

  • Catalyst Life Services – Youth
  • Area 10 Financials
  • Richland
  • Crawford


12:20 Update on IWT and OJT contracts (Jill Gantt)


Jill reported on the active IWT activity in Area 10 – including the completion of projects with Alliance Innovations and Major Metals. Jay Industries is currently running and welding program, and we continue to get new applications.


12:35pm RFP Process for Youth Services and OMJ Center Operator


Clint announce that we will be publishing RFP’s in February, and shared a draft timeline. There is a committee that has formed in order to work through the RFP process. We will return to the board in April to recommend the new contracts.


12:40 Policy update approvals


Beth Delaney made a motion to approve the increase of Adult and Dislocated worker fund limit to $15,000 per individual.

David Zak made a second – the board voted to approve the policy update.


Lori Bedson made a motion to approve changing the ITA policy to include Bachler’s degree funding, and allow online or distance education participation.

Sonja Pluck made a second motion – board voted to approve.


12:50pm One Time Community Investment Fund Request (Capital Budget) and Special Projects Request


Clint let the board know that we have partnered to write a request in the capital budget. This funding would support the MID Ohio ESC Ready for Hire Program, the Mansfield Richland Area Educational Foundation TechSpark effort, and other programming in Richland and Crawford Counties. The request was submitted to Rep. McLean and Rep. John. We are waiting on an update of that process.


Clint asked the board to support a “Special Project Request” for the purpose of funding “Project Data 2024-25”. These dollars would support the purchase of the Chmura Data tool and provide YouScience to all schools in Richland and Crawford Counties.


Dr. Dorey Diab made a motion to approve, Sonja Pluck made a second – board voted to approve the request


1:00pm Other Workforce Initiatives and Around the Room


In attendance:

Jeremy Knisley

Amy Wood

Cliff Mears

Darrel Banks

Lisa Marcum

Julia Lawson

David Zak

Tim Bowersock

Beth Delaney

Toby Borders

Randa Payne

Clint Knight

Jill Gantt

Heather Mosely

Lori Bedson

Melinda Crall

Suzanne Cole

Nikia Fletcher

Steve Wolford

Lori Mcleese

Helen Mcnamara

Dr. Dorey Diab

Clay Frye

Don Paulin

Jenny Bright

Gary George

Mitch Jacobson

Angie Cirone

Sonja Pluck

Jenni Paramore






We are excited to build connections between local job seekers and employers. Join us today, as we continue to assist our local community.

Contact our Board Chair, Jenni Paramore or our Board Director, Teresa Alt, for Board membership information.  
Jenni Paramore: Jparamore@directionscu.org 
Teresa Alt: Teresa.alt@jfs.ohio.gov