Board Minutes October 2023


Full Board Meeting October 18, 2023


Lowe Volk Park



Call to Order and Roll Call of Voting Members

Board Chair, Randa Payne


Introductions/Other Announcements


 Welcome of new board members:

Paul Bishop – Timken

Steve Wolford – Avita


Vote to approve Minutes:

Motion made by Beth Delaney

Second by Jenni Paramore

Motion carried. The minutes from the July 19, 2023 Board meeting are approved.


Richland Workforce Coordinator:

Cindy Truex resigned from the position in order to accept a full time position elsewhere. Clint Knight and the Richland Area Chamber will be looking to alter the job description and report back to the Executive Committee with a plan to fill the position, likely after the first of the year(2024).



Agency Reports - IWT and OJT Updates


Mitch Jacobson provided the Youth Report on behalf of Catalyst.

  • 136 Participants to date
  • 71 participants in the 12 month work program
  • Area 10 is one of the top 3 in the state in youth participation

Teri Kiser and Suzy Cole presented Richland and Crawford financial updates.

  • A recommendation was made to have the financial documents on the screen when presenting)


BRN Kickoff


Josh Lawhon, New Day Creative presented the concept, strategy, and timeline for the campaign.




  • Clint presented early details on the Ohio High School Tech internship and identified and opportunity for the WIOA board to support the program by creating business partnerships. There is a need in our region to expand the diversity of internship beyond the traditional models.


  • Clint discussed the closing of Mansfield Plumbing and the job fair they will be holding in December.


  • Clint announced that the state will be delivering board member training in December, and there wil be a poll t determine voting members’ availability.



Motions to adjourn at 1:11pm, and it was seconded. Motion carried.


Attendance July 19, 2023


Randa Payne

Heather Moseley

Lori Bedson

Clint Knight

Toby Borders

Teri Kiser

Amy Wood

Tim Ley

Larry Schmidt

Doug Weisenhaur

Darryl Banks

David Zak

Lisa Marcum

Beth Delaney

Mandy Davis

Melinda Crall

Suzy Cole

Gary George

Mitch Jacobson

Brian McPeek

Jennie Paramore

Sonja Pluck

Dr. Dorey Diab

Jeremy Knisely

Nikia Fletcher

Ben Blubaugh

Helen McNamara

Greg Niockoli

Tiona Perdue

Deanna West Torrence

Jill Gant

Don Paulin




We are excited to build connections between local job seekers and employers. Join us today, as we continue to assist our local community.

Contact our Board Chair, Jenni Paramore or our Board Director, Teresa Alt, for Board membership information.  
Jenni Paramore: 
Teresa Alt: