Responses to Questions regarding 2024 Youth Services RFP


On page 16 of the Request for Proposals, we noticed the clause regarding the qualifications for the staff members serving the youth and had a clarification question regarding the education requirements stating that “all staff working with the youth...must have at least an associate degree...or it must be noted how an individual is working toward the qualification.”

Is there any flexibility allowed for staff members who have 3+ years of verifiable and relevant case management experience in working with youth?



The education level of an individual should not jeopardize the entirety of an agency's proposal. However, the committee may ask for evidence of a plan to upskill or reach a certain level of certification. 



Does the program event need to be exclusive to CCMEP students, or can other students be in attendance as well? Can we simply track the number of CCMEP students in attendance?


Program events do not need to be exclusively for students who qualify for CCMEP -  events can have a blended audience, cohort, or class. 


On page 10 under Contract Terms, administrative costs and indirect costs are mentioned. Do you have a specific definition for what these categories include, or is that up to us to use our definition?


Administrative or indirect cost should be definied as cost that does not directly tied to the program purpose. (ie, general operating expenses) 



Can you tell me where I can get the “assurances  and certifications” sheet that is required for the OMJ Center RFP?


The Assurances and Certifications  attachemnt can be downloaded by clicking here. 


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